What is Trauma? Trauma does not discriminate in that it affects children, adolescents and adults. Trauma can present itself in one or more of the following situations or events:

  • community & school violence
  • refugee & war zone trauma
  • domestic violence
  • serious accidents
  • natural disasters
  • physical abuse
  • abandonment
  • sexual abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • terrorism
  • neglect
  • torture/bullying

Trauma is an emotional shock that creates significant and lasting damage to a person’s mental, physical and emotional growth.

“Trauma is interpersonal violence, over the life span, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, severe neglect, loss, and/or the witnessing of violence.” — National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

“When trauma occurs early in life, children do not develop the capacity to regulate their experience…to calm themselves down when they’re upset, to soothe themselves, to interact in appropriate ways with other people, to learn from their behavior.” — Margaret Blaustein

Benefits of Counseling…

Counseling can assist with helping regain the five basic human needs that the traumatic event experience has taken for the survivor’s life. Counseling will enable you or your love one to start rebuilding their lives and learning to feel safe again, ability to trust, take control over one’s own life, feel valued again, and not afraid to allow others to get close.

The Process…

I want to be upfront and honest regarding participation in the counseling process. This is not to be view as a get fixed quick form of treatment. A true commitment to the counseling process is a must with active participation in discussion, and follows through with all homework assignments if given by therapist. This process with take time; however the results can be long lasting for positive wellness in life.

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