Learning Objectives

Legal and Ethical Dilemmas and Challenges in Clinical Supervision

  1. Participants will learn the importance and purpose of the Professional Codes of Ethics, Georgia Composite Board, CPCS and ACA in the supervisory process.
  2. Participants will gain insight on common dilemmas and challenges of the supervision process.
  3. Participants will learn/review and implement the steps of problem solving with workshop case studies for discussion.
  4. Participants will leave workshop with a risk management mindset for their supervisory process.

Developing a Strong Foundation for Clinical Supervision

  1. Participants will gain insight on the definition of supervision and process as directed in the ACA, Georgia Composite Board and CPCS Professional Code of Ethics.
  2. Participates will learn the roles as well as the models of supervision, which can be utilized by supervisors during the supervisory process.
  3. Participants will learn the important of customizing their supervisory process that is most effective for supervisor, supervisee, and meets requirements of supervision and ensure wellbeing of supervisee’s client as directed by the Professional Code of Ethics. (Group activity).
  4. Participates will learn and gain insight on component, which are to be covered in the supervisory process.

Effective Methods and Models of Clinical Supervision

  1. Participants will be introduced to the major and key components the supervisory process
  2. Participants will learn the different models of supervision and selecting the best fit.
  3. Participants will learn methods, techniques and approaches of supervision
  4. Through group discussion and activity participant will observe the necessity in having congruency and set-plan of action for effective supervision

“Becoming” Developing and Creating a Legacy in the counseling profession through Supervision

  1. Participants will gain insights on the meaning of “Legacy” and how it applies to the supervisory process in the counseling profession.
  2. Participants will discover the influence a supervisor has on supervisee and counseling profession during and after the supervisory process.
  3. Participants will gain insight that the key to effective supervision is supervisor’s continued growth through education and experience in the counseling profession.
  4. Participants will be given the opportunity to create a starter mini-vision board for their ideal supervisory process and share what they envision their legacy will be in the counseling profession.

Counseling C&A LGBTQ…Family Impact, Challenges and Potential Risks

  1. Increase their knowledge of counseling strategies when working with LGBTQ identified youth and terminology
  2. Gain insight of the influence of the impact of family, challenges and potential risks
  3. Learn strategies for supporting cohesive communication among family systems

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