Supervision Services

Transformation Behavioral Health, LLC offers supervision services for both individual and group sessions. On-site agency supervision is offered upon request with a group of 3 or more, which financial compensation may be the responsibility of the agency or individual expense. Supervision is a service to assist interns, counselor’s seeking licensure, licensed associate counselors and licensed counselor in developing a professional standard of excellence. Services includes documentation of sessions attended as well as quarterly progress report. For additional information on getting started with your supervision process call 706-750-4275.

Why use a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor Counselor Supervisor (CPCS)?

Professional Standards of Excellence. Using a CPCS-credentialed supervisor provides the supervisee with a supervisor whose education, experience, and ethical guidelines exceed those currently required by the state licensure board, giving future counselors the training to become exceptional Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs).

Ethics Adherence. In addition to following the Code of Ethics required by law, Certified Professional Counselor Supervisors adhere to the CPCS Code of Ethics. These standards exceed the current state licensure requirements.

Rationale for supervision

The definition also states that supervision addresses administrative, evaluative, supporting and educational/clinical issues. There are many benefits to quality clinical supervision:

Administrative benefits: ensuring Employees follow agency policies and procedures, evaluative job performance tools, a risk management tool that increases an organization’s ability to respond to risk, thereby reducing liability.

Clinical services benefits: addresses the Counselor’s core functions, provides a mechanism to ensure quality clinical care, case conceptualization, treatment strategies, and planning.

Professional development benefits : a Forum for enhancing clinical practices, emotional support, improvement in critical thinking, and intellectual stimulation.

Workforce development benefits : a Tool for recruitment and retention of staff, improve staff morale and motivation, and promoting counselor wellness.

Program evaluation and research Benefits : a mechanism for data gathering and information retrieval to enhance clinical care.


Individual Supervision

By appointment only

$50. 00 Individual rate per hour

Group Supervision

1st Monday of the month 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm (1x monthly)

1st Saturday of the month 9:00 am- 11:00 am (1x monthly)

Total of 3hr per group session

2hrs group time

1hr homework assignment

Onsite Agency Supervision for groups of 3 or more

Discounted rate offered to agencies with groups 3 or more

Includes: Participation documentation, both individual and group sessions, and collaboration with onsite supervision



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