Couples Counseling


Yes, what’s been said over and over still rings true. Communication is the key to any successful and thriving relationship. Not just any communication, but appropriate and positive communication. This isn’t to say there want be debates of difference, but the way in which we choose to respond makes the different. A healthy relationship has the essential components of mutual respect, attentive listening and open mindedness response. Couples counseling is not only for troubled times, but to be utilized to build and support a lasting and productive relationship.

Renewal of Commitment & Trust

A tune-up could only help. So, you say there is nothing wrong with your relationship, and that’s great. A relationship is not built on one factual agreement or contract, one size fits all. A relationship needs to be nurtured consistently. As changes happen in this thing called life, so must we in a continual open line of communication to address changes, while strengthening the commitment of Trust and Love.

Scathing the 7 year itch and Beyond

Who said it would last? Congratulations you are well on your way to a lasting relationship. But the honeymoon years are fast becoming a distant memory. Maybe the answer could be having a heart to heart discussion with your spouse. Things have somehow been placed in the planning only mode. It’s time to bring back spontaneity and a baby sitter if needed…the thrill is not gone, just waiting to be summoned.

Before your vow

So, you’re thinking of taking the big leap of love. It’s okay; you are not the first to think to yourself, “I’m I making the right decision”. Are maybe there is something you need to share with your mate before saying, “I do”. It’s the smart and wise decision to seek couples counseling before your vows to make sure all pertinent information is out in the open. Also it’s wise to discuss matters of life to see if you’re on the same page when it comes to major issues that affects a relationship such as finance, beginning a family, religious preference and basic expectations of a marriage for each other’s perspective. Start out on the right path with openness and love.

Ask about successful completion certificate to receive a discount on marriage license.

Is it time to Start a family?

“We’ve always dreamed of starting a family, but so much has changed for us both over the years”. “I am not sure that now is the time to add to our family”. There is so much to consider when making a life changing decision such as finances or possible medial issues. You may even be thinking of adoption or becoming a foster parent and need to discuss your options and the benefits of each. Counseling can assist with facilitating a discussion of truth.

Coping with an ill spouse or child?

Chronic illness of a child or spouse can put strange on the relationship and the entire family unit. Chronic illness of a spouse or child creates special challenges and concerns. Counseling is a safe environment to discussion issues of concern with a goal for resolution. There are many issues and concerns for the family such as finances, lack of a support system and time for personal needs. The person with chronic illness is affected with emotional issues of shame or guilt. Facilitation of open discussion can assist and ease the everyday struggles.



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