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Learning Objectives 2018


Legal and Ethical Guidelines of Clinical Supervision

  1. Participants will have a clear understanding of the purposes and core value of the Professional code of Ethics (ACA, GA. Licensed Board, CPCS.

  2. Participant will utilize in group participation/discussion the ACA, Georgia State Licensed board and CPCS codes of Ethics as guidelines to procedures for the supervisory process

  3. Participants will identify, and review the core professional values of the counseling profession, and the vital purpose and necessity of the ACA Code of Ethics.

  4. Evaluate the Clinical Supervisor’s role in maintaining professional competence, and complying with applicable standards

  5. Learn responsibilities to the professions and the well- being of client in protecting relationships of supervisee by maintaining appropriate boundaries and adhere to gate keeping if warranted


Fundamentals the “Core” of Clinical Supervision

  1. Participants will gain insight on the definition of supervision and process as directed in the ACA, Georgia State Licensing Board and CPCS Professional Code of Ethics.

  2. Participates will learn the roles as well as the models of supervision, which can be utilized by supervisors during the supervisory process.

  3. Participants will learn the important of customizing their supervisory process that is most effective for supervisor, supervisee, and meets requirements of supervision and ensure wellbeing of supervisee’s client as directed by the Professional Code of Ethics. (Group activity)

  4. Participates will learn and gain insight on component, which are to be covered in the supervisory process.


Methods of Clinical Supervision “Selecting Effective Procedures, Approaches and Techniques”

  1. Participants will be introduced to the major and key components the supervisory process

  2. Participants will gain insight guidelines of suggestion provided in the ACA code of Ethics Section F (F.d and F.9 Evaluation and Remediation), CPCS guides for supervisory process.

  3. Participants will learn the different models, techniques and approaches of supervision

  4. Through group discussion and activity participant will observe the necessity in having congruency and set-plan of action for effective supervision.


Mindfulness in Clinical Supervision

  1. Identify the definition of mindfulness and what practices develop mindfulness.

  2. Identify the benefits of the effect of mindfulness on supervisor and supervisee.

  3. Identify and understand the roles of the supervisor and supervisee with the use of mindfulness during the supervisory process

  4. Understand the relationship between therapists' mindfulness and psychotherapy outcome based on the research to date


Ethics and the 12 Shades of Grey Areas Interactive Workshop

  1. Participant will gain further insight on the purpose of the ACA, AMHCA, NAADAC, NASW, CPCS, Georgia Composite Board and other Professional Code of Ethics.

  2. Participants will learn the black and white of the 12 major sections of the code of the ACA Code of Ethics to include: Client’s Right and Informed Consent, Social Justice and Counseling Across Cultures, Confidentiality, Competence, Managing Value Conflicts, Counseling Minor Clients, Managing Boundaries, Working with Clients who may Harm themselves, Technology & Social Media and Online Counseling, Supervision and Counselors Education, Research and Publication, and The intersection of Ethics and Law.

  3. Through use of a Case Studies and Vignettes for each major area of the ACA code of Ethics participants will discuss and share on the “Gray Areas” that are not so clear as the black and white.

  4. Participant through discussion and sharing how keeping one of primary goals of the ACA Code of Ethics in protecting the welfare of the client is in cooperated in their current employment and position.


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